Reviews of Jill's Joyful Kitchen

Some reviews and comments about Jill's Joyful Kitchen:

"I was so privileged to learn about Vegan cooking from Jill. Her enthusiasm was infectious. She offered suggestions for substituting vegan for non-vegan items to existing recipes. Her approach was "make it simple, cut out the unhealthy items and make it delicious. Well done, Jill!" - Jan, a "60 chick"

"I was recently introduced to some delicious vegan fare at a luncheon hosted by my good friend Beverly. Jill loves to educate and share with others her passion for a vegan lifestyle. To my surprise, everything from appetizers to dessert was so delicious, and seeing it prepared, along with commentary by Jill, added to the enjoyment of the meal. Her quinoa salad is on my "favorite recipes" list. Thank you Jill!" - Barbara, Brightwood, Oregon

"In December I was lucky enough to be a part of a demonstration luncheon prepared by Jill Russell. Even though I am not a vegan I do love vegetables and that day I was introduced to some new foods. I had never had eaten quinoa but I had heard of it so when Jill served quinoa with black beans and mango for our salad I found it to be very flavorful. I also was very impressed with the results of vegan baking after tasting a blueberry-banana cake. It was so much fun to see food prepared differently than I was used to in my home." - Valerie, Sandy, Oregon

"I attended a demonstration by Jill Russell and learned how healthy eating can really be beautiful and tasty. Learning how to replace eggs and dairy in recipes was important to me because my grown children and grandchildren are allergic to both. Jill makes a vegan lifestyle look easy and fun. You will be happy that you attended one of her presentations." - Nancy, Happy Valley, Oregon

"Jill Russell is a strong vegan advocate and delightfully agreed to serve a luncheon for several of my curious friends. She did an excellent job of explaining why vegan foods are good for you, and she demonstrated how easy it is to cook - everything was delicious! Smoothies with fruits, veggies, and even coconut milk have become a part of my everyday diet!" - Beverly, Gresham Oregon