Classes offered by Jill's Joyful Kitchen

Choose from numerous delicious classes:

* Supercharged Smoothies - Pumpkin pie, triple-berry-chia, chocolate-cherry, goji berry-hemp, pineapple-spinach, blueberry-kale, and many more!

* Heart Healthy Sweet Treats - Scrumptious low-fat desserts such as black bean brownies, Cardamom apple spice cake, chocolate mousee, date-nut balls, and almond pudding are just a few to choose from.

* Lose the Egg! - Explore healthy alternative to eggs in cooking and baking. Replacing eggs in recipes is easy with so many choices such as egg replacer, flax meal, tofu, arrowroot, cornstarch, and many more. Choose from muffins, brownies, chocolate mousse, chocolate chip cookies, and almond pudding.

* Nuts about Nuts! - Nuts are a healthy way to replace the cholesterol-laden dairy in your diet. Try some delicous almond "ricotta", creamy walnut dressing, and cashew based "cheese" sauce.

* Quick and Easy One-Pot Stove-Top Meals - Delicious main course meals with no added oil! Recipes include red lentil curry, 3 bean chili, "chicken" noodle soup, curried coconut carrot bisque, afrrican peanut butter stew, and Thai tofu curry.

* Think Outside the Milk Box - Super healthy and easy to make non-dairy milks ranging from almond milk, pumpkin seed milk, brazil nut milk, and hemp milk.

* Where's the Protein? - There's an abundance of ways to get protein into your daily diet when enjoying a plant-based diet. Try some bbq soy curls, taco crumbles, smoky maple tempeh, or tofu "egg" fried rice.